Greater market offer for Vietnam
From August 2010, BlueScope Steel Vietnam(BSV) embarks on another aggressive chase to improve premium product mix with the launch of ...  more >
  NS BlueScope Lysaght
NS BlueScope
  Core Brands
  Clean COLORBOND<sup>®</sup>   Combines the superior strength of steel, the corrosion resistance and .. more >  
  ZINCALUME<sup>®</sup>   A premium metallic coated steel product that is composed of aluminium, zinc and silicon... more >  
  LYSAGHT<sup>®</sup>   Synonymous with producing high quality steel building components... more >  


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  Steel desirable properties, and its relatively low cost, make it the main structural metal in engineering and building projects, accounting for about 90% of all the metal used each year.  
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